Christmas gift ideas with African Adinkra symbols

We’re not in panic mode yet and there’s still time to order stuff online, but it’s getting close….

If you’re looking for something a little bit interesting and different check out for some not too expensive Christmas gift ideas with an African theme.

KwesiEddie has added his own styling to his favourite African Adinkra symbols and put them on good quality clothing and gifts, it’s worth taking a minute to check out his stuff. You never know, it might just be that Christmas gift idea you’re looking for.


Adinkra phone case Akoma Akoko Nan sweatshirt Gye Nyame leggins


Adinkra nsoromma bagpoloshirt with nkyinkyim


Sankofa Hoddie

Gye nyame mug









Adiinkra symbol and map of AfricaAdinkra symbols date back hundreds of years to an era of African kingdoms and ancient wisdoms and are an important part of Ghanaian culture today. They are becoming ever more popular on clothing and home furnishings, nowhere more so than in the US of A. (The black star on the map is where it all started).


KwesiEddie also provides a 30 second read on Adinkra if you would like to know a little more. The symbols are mostly about beliefs, philosophy and sometimes God. Although many of these African symbols go back centuries a lot of them are still so, so relevant to the world today.


He also gives my books a plug, he had better, he’s my son!!



Here’s some of my Adinkra symbol favourites

Adinkra symbol - AkokonanAkoko Nan – “The leg of a hen” –  mercy, nurturing, development – A hen may inadvertently step on her chicks, but will not harm them.  Parents must both protect and correct children. When parents discipline their children it is through love and caring.



Adinkra symbol - SankofaAdinkra symbol Sankofa


Another very well know Adinkra symbol – sankofa or “San ko fa” – go back and get it – learn from the past. I’m told a very famous American singer has this tattooed on her arm. Sankofa is often represented as a bird looking backwards.




Adinkra symbol - Gye Nyame


Probably the most popular and well known Adinkra – “Gye Nyame”, which in literal translation means “Except God”. Any and every Ghanaian will know this one. One common interpretation is “There was no one to see the world begin and no one will see the world end – except God”




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    Jabari Smith February 14, 2019 (2:01 pm)

    I’m interested in contacting your site designer I like the 3D adinkra symbols. I’d be willing to pay you for their contact info. Thank you

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