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Anthurium Lily

It’s a wrap

    I’ve always loved wrapping, no matter how small the gift. I enjoy disguising them so you can’t guess what it is. When my sons were younger, wrapping Christmas gifts was an absolute delight. I would spend hours late into the night, coming up with ingenious ways of hiding their presents, using boxes, tubes, […]

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Pattis mince and plantain tart

Patti’s plantain & mince tarts

With Christmas round the corner, I’d like to share the perfect plantain idea to treat your guests – plantain mince tarts. A mouth-watering alternative to mince pies, especially if like me you prefer them not too sweet! These tarts are soft and crumbly with just the right amount of fruity centre. Try to imagine ripe […]

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plantain chocolate truffle

Plantain chocolate truffles

Hands up who doesn’t like chocolate. Yep, thought so, not a hand to be seen. Let’s try a different one – who doesn’t like truffles? Yep, same answer… and same as me.     When it comes to truffles, I simply can’t resist (and in my world there is no such thing as just one […]

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Kofi Brokeman meets a snowman

Kofi Brokeman meets a snowman – grilled plantain with ice-cream

Kofi Brokeman is the affectionate name for grilled plantain in Ghana, so-called because when you are broke it’s one of the cheapest snacks, yet packed with goodness and taste. My mouth is already watering… Soft and naturally sweet, it’s a perfect partner for ice-cream and fun to decorate with kids. Make the grilled plantain into […]

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Pattis Christmas treats

Christmas eats make Christmas treats

Christmas eats make Christmas treats!!!!! With Christmas fast approaching, I have a few tempting dishes for you to enjoy….     Let’s get the meal going with some spiced nuts and drinks from A Plate in the Sun.         If you’re having roast pork, I’ve got just the sides for you! Plantain carrot and […]

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