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Caramelised rice pudding

From Rice-water to Caramelised rice pudding!

  Rice-water may sound humble but believe me, when it ends up as a delicious rice pudding you will want second and third helpings! In Ghana rice-water is a breakfast porridge. It is simply rice with water, simmered until the rice disintegrates and served with sugar and evaporated milk. My mum made rice water as […]

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Kofi Brokeman meets a snowman

Kofi Brokeman meets a snowman – grilled plantain with ice-cream

Kofi Brokeman is the affectionate name for grilled plantain in Ghana, so-called because when you are broke it’s one of the cheapest snacks, yet packed with goodness and taste. My mouth is already watering… Soft and naturally sweet, it’s a perfect partner for ice-cream and fun to decorate with kids. Make the grilled plantain into […]

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