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  • Ghanaian foods ranked the 6th best in the world

    We all knew it, but guess what,  - Ghana is in the world top 10 for healthiest diets. Britain's Mail Online's health pages summarises an article in "The Lancet" that identifies Ghana has the 6th best diet in the world. Not just Africa, but the world!! Viasat 1 Ghana gives a similar write-up I met a lovely guest, Nicola Neal, on a cooking course at the Novelli Academy and we've since become good friends and lunch buddies. She suggests in her blog "Feeding my intolerant Child" ...
  • Valentine cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta

      Here’s my quick, easy and special treat for that special Valentine person – Cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta.           I've used chopped baby spinach instead of fresh herbs and the colourful red peppers are sweet and juicy, just like your loved one!             Sweet and juicy roasted red peppers  
  • Patti’s Winter Warming Chocolate and Berry Porridge

    If I had to choose my favourite breakfast for a cold winter’s day it has to be warming chocolate and berry porridge! Delicious and easy and one everyone, especially children will fall in love with.     Simply follow the instructions on a packet of oats. Once the porridge begins to bubble is when it starts to get interesting. Stir in your favourite extracts, perhaps vanilla or almond, and sweeten with honey.           A ...