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  • Lamb Jollof Rice

    One of the best rice dishes – ever! Often a centrepiece at parties, I can’t imagine a celebration without Jollof. It is packed with flavour and is to West Africa what paella is to Spain, biryani to India and risotto to Italy. It’s delicious with just about any type of meat - lamb, mutton, beef or chicken - this dish speaks for itself.  Here is my interpretation of mum’s interpretation of a classic, using a combination of lamb cuts for their aroma and flavour.
  • Stem Ginger & Plantain Chutney

    This livens up just about everything from breakfast sausages to stew, curries and leftovers.  Great with cold cuts of meat, crackers & cheese. A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Patti’s Plantain Mince Pies

    A tropical alternative to traditional mince pies! A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Maa’s Tomato Sauce

    This is Mum’s version of an African classic and it’s often called gravy. Full-flavoured and adaptable, it forms the basis of almost all our sauces and stews. Simple to make, this spicy tomato sauce is an excellent base for seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. As it cooks, it breaks down and thickens to form a partial puree. If you want a smoother sauce just give it a quick whizz with a blender - a good way to conceal wholesome ingredients from fussy eaters. I often prepare a large ...
  • Hibiscus Cool-down

    This attractive and tasty drink is made by brewing dried hibiscus flowers as you would tea leaves. Sometimes known as bissap or sorrel it is enjoyed all over Africa and the Caribbean. This is how I enjoy it.  Chilled and served with ice – it’s a perfect drink for a sunny afternoon. Sip slowly for that lazy holiday feeling. Dried hibiscus flowers can be found in African-Caribbean shops. A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Ginger & Lime Drink

    Ginger and lime are two ingredients I love to cook with, and are a good drink combination. The lime is refreshing and the ginger gives a fiery kick! If you want it light add more lime and if you want it fiery and spicy then add more ginger. Serve over ice on a warm day or try it warm when it’s chilly. A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Guava & Plantain Pudding

    Plantain works with both sweet and savoury dishes. It is cheap and packed with goodness. This pudding is quick and easy and with very few ingredients it couldn’t be simpler. It works well with fresh, dried and tinned fruits, and best of all, there’s no added sugar! A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Cassava Scones

    Cassava is the star ingredient here. It brings its own flavour and adds a delicate crunch. These can be enjoyed on their own, or served with fresh fruit and a little mascarpone. Cassava can be found in African – Caribbean and Asian shops and in the frozen section of some supermarkets. A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Crispy Squid with Pepper

    I love squid, whether fried and served hot as a starter or cooked in a sumptuous seafood stew. Squid sizzles and browns quickly when fried and after draining on kitchen paper disappears rapidly unless guarded. I’ve found it a very effective bribe to get help with washing up. A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Black-eye Beans with Smoked Fish & Bacon

    This is a weekend special in boarding schools in Ghana, a family favourite in most Ghanaian homes and a popular street food. If you fancy a vegetarian dish, just leave out the bacon. One of my favourite standby dishes for the fridge.   A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"