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  • Easy Chicken Curry

    The ubiquitous curry has developed many personalities around the world. This recipe takes me back to pre-teen memories of lunch invites with friends like Rita and Gopa. One of my pleasures of eating curry has to be the variety of side dishes. Fried, ripe plantain, sliced pawpaw and avocado are must-haves. I have called it easy chicken curry because even my husband can cook it! A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Plantain Pancakes

    Eaten hot or cold, these savoury plantain pancakes make a delicious starter or snack and with a generous serving of bean stew can be a very filling lunch. When plantain skins turn black, they are over-ripe and that’s when, I think, they reach plantain perfection and are an ideal base for pancakes and puddings.   They are usually fried in palm fruit oil, but I prefer to use rapeseed oil. A recipe from "A Plate in the Sun"
  • Ghana Salad

    Salads in West Africa are more substantial than you may think and can be meals in themselves. Picture slices of red tomato, purple onions, the soft white and yellow of eggs and bright green lettuce - a feast of colour. Then there’s the comfort of delicate fish like tuna and salmon, all coated in glossy mayonnaise…the list goes on… I could call this “Happy Days Salad” as I remember as a child watching the fun in the kitchen as mum and aunties chopped and laughed, mixed and giggled, ...
  • Meatloaf

    As an AFS exchange student in America, it made my day to come home from school and find my American host mum, Ethel Barker, had made meatloaf for dinner. Here I have added a kick with chillies and an interesting sweetness with plantain. A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Galliano, plantain & passionfruit griddle

    A banana liqueur and sweet ripe plantain. Is this a match made in heaven? A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Cheesy Beef and Lamb Meatballs with Pasta

    Here's my quick, easy and special treat for that special person - cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta. I use my always faithful Maa's Tomato Sauce to give it that little extra something.
  • Kelewele – diced and spiced ripe plantain

    Traditionally kelewele is ripe plantain diced and spiced with chilli and ginger and then fried. I prefer mine oven baked as it's less oily. I also enjoy spicing it to suit whatever I'm eating it with. Cinnamon and nutmeg kelewele with ice-cream.... you've got to try it!! For even more plantain treats check out my book A Date with Plantain. It's so versatile. Savoury versions go well with curries and roasted meats whilst sweet versions add something special to a dessert. Or simply ...
  • Rustic roast veggies with chorizo

    A simple and smoky side dish to something meaty or fishy. For vegans or vegetarians just leave out the chorizo!
  • Sweet tatale

    Tatale is normally a savoury pancake but it enjoys a sweet make-over with coconut and spices.