About Patti

tall-lady1I was born and educated in Ghana, West Africa and have lived in the UK since 1985. I am a Ghanaian with a truly international perspective, enthusiastic and passionate about the things I love.

My love affair with food and cooking began seriously when I gave up work to become a full-time mum to my two (now strapping) sons and wife to my Devonshire born and bred husband.  Expanding his horizons beyond delicious, but numerous Cornish Pasties and Devon Dumplings was my challenge. Rice was simply not on his menu! Now my Jollof Rice is top of his favourites. Garlic and chilli, once complete no-nos, now often appear on his shopping list.

Food influences include a year as an AFS exchange student in America, European travel and too many international friendships to count, some as far back as primary school. This exposure to diverse cultures, flavours, foods and cooking styles is a primary colour on my palate.  I have so many good friends to thank.

Of course the single biggest contribution is my mum’s almost encyclopaedic knowledge of West African cooking – a seemingly endless and effortless production of fabulous food with a flavour all its own.

Ghana’s varied colonial past provided a rich tapestry of influences: Portuguese, Dutch and British amongst them. All had a hand in shaping our cuisine and diet, from dried cod, cheese, cakes and puddings to staples like cassava and coconut (both surprisingly introduced through trade). In Takoradi, the Manchester Bakery’s sausage rolls and the Atlantic Hotel’s apple pies still evoke vivid childhood memories.

I want to bring the fun factor to cooking and dispel any fears you may have when attempting African dishes. With the extraordinary range of ingredients available in the supermarkets, now is the perfect time to experiment.

I also want to share and promote Ghana and the hidden Africa, the Africa beyond the headlines. Food is a great communicator and can bring a celebration of diversity to the table. Variety is the spice of life, so let’s enjoy treats and delights from Ghana, my special corner of Africa.



Takoradi born and bred, enthusiastic and fun, bubbly and inspiring, Patti’s zest for life is infectious. She’s described by Executive Traveller magazine as Ghana’s best kept secret!

Passionate about the things she loves, she clearly enjoys introducing the world to Africa’s delicious cuisine through her fusion-inspired cookbooks ‘A Plate in the Sun’ and ‘A Date with Plantain’. Patti maintains just the right balance between creativity and conformity and her ability to step out of the norm defines her. This is clear from her creative style and her natural artistry comes across in vibrant dishes. She always brings something exciting to the table. Hers is food with an African soul.

Patti demonstrates at food festivals and shares her exciting dishes at exclusive private dinners and pop-up suppers in a local wine cellar.

She is Front of House and a resident chef at the Jean-Christophe Novelli Academy in Hertfordshire, where she runs courses on African-fusion cuisine called ”A Plate in the Sun” and leads you on a journey of her favourite spices from around the world. In his latest cookbook Simply Novelli he describes Patti as his “Culinary spiritual sister, an oceanic breath of fresh air”.

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