Off to check out the beaches…

Africa beach and Vienna beach are just down the road from home, about six minutes by car. Both have tables very close to the shore, close enough to walk down and dip your feet in the water. At Africa beach if you get the table closest to the sea you will get sprayed when the tide is in, and lovely cool toes.

Beyond Takoradi there are more glorious beaches  like Busua, Ezile Bay, Lou Moon and more… I’ve shared a few photos from last year and the previous year taken at some of the beaches I’ve mentioned for you to enjoy!


Alison recording the sounds of the ocean

The Atlantic ocean, Takoradi


Calm beach cove at Lou Moon

Lou Moon Lodge, Axim


Hummus, grouper kebabs, beef kebabs, golden fried prawns, laughter, chilled drinks in the sunshine are all on the menu, along with excellent staff!


Delicious hummus with beef kebabs

Hummus with beef and onion kebabs


Waves hugging the rocks at Lou Moon

Picturesque Lou Moon


Relaxing with family at Lou Moon

Holiday at Lou Moon



With home just down the road, I always keep an eye out for fishmongers with seafood that’s come straight out of the ocean, and guess what,  I was really lucky this time. You have to haggle like a fish wife of course!!! Just look at what perseverance got me!!!


Ocean fresh fish at Africa Beach, Takoradi

Fresh fish straight out of the Atlantic Ocean


Africa Beach Takoradi

Africa beach at night


Entrance to the ocean front at Africa Beach

Welcome to Africa Beach, Takoradi


Massage Corner under coconut palms at Lou Moon

Palm grove at Lou Moon lodge


Alison and I enjoying pina coladas at Ezile Bay Beach

A cocktail welcome at Ezile Bay beach


As happy as a girl can be in the sunshine at Lou Moon

Sunshine happiness in Africa


Lizards topping up their tan!

Lizards in the midday sun


Cocktails in the sunshine!

Sun, sea, sand and cocktails


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