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  • Cheesy Beef and Lamb Meatballs with Pasta

    Here's my quick, easy and special treat for that special person - cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta. I use my always faithful Maa's Tomato Sauce to give it that little extra something.
  • Kelewele – diced and spiced ripe plantain

    Traditionally kelewele is ripe plantain diced and spiced with chilli and ginger and then fried. I prefer mine oven baked as it's less oily. I also enjoy spicing it to suit whatever I'm eating it with. Cinnamon and nutmeg kelewele with ice-cream.... you've got to try it!! For even more plantain treats check out my book A Date with Plantain. It's so versatile. Savoury versions go well with curries and roasted meats whilst sweet versions add something special to a dessert. Or simply ...
  • Rustic roast veggies with chorizo

    A simple and smoky side dish to something meaty or fishy. For vegans or vegetarians just leave out the chorizo!
  • Sweet tatale

    Tatale is normally a savoury pancake but it enjoys a sweet make-over with coconut and spices.
  • Poached plantain in spicy drizzle

    Aromatic and fragrant. I love the winning combination of spices used by Jean-Christophe Novelli in his fabulous tarte tatin and after 3 years working at his Academy I’m hooked… Here I poach plantain in a spice syrup until they are soft and candied and serve with exotic fruits.
  • Crispy stuffing balls

    Plantain and almond stuffing balls. These can be enjoyed as an alternative to sage and onion stuffing. A recipe from "A Date with Plantain"
  • Chicken Zanzibar

          Curries, casseroles, tagines, stews, what have they got in common?... flavours kicking and screaming from one pot! This weekend I’ve enjoyed chicken curry with Zanzibar Curry Powder from Seasoned Pioneers, the aroma in the house was heaven! The smell seduced my son away from his laptop to find out what was cooking! I had to admire his impatience, or patience, as he waited for me to take some pics (if that makes any sense).  After a heaped serving, he ...