From Rice-water to Caramelised rice pudding!

Caramelised rice pudding


Rice-water may sound humble but believe me, when it ends up as a delicious rice pudding you will want second and third helpings!
In Ghana rice-water is a breakfast porridge. It is simply rice with water, simmered until the rice disintegrates and served with sugar and evaporated milk. My mum made rice water as a Sunday evening supper, after a rather large Sunday lunch, often chicken peanut butter soup…
I have to say, the rice-water didn’t really excite me, as I missed her usual element of surprise, you sort of knew what was coming. But the leftovers were eagerly awaited, as mum transformed them into an elegant, aromatic pudding for the next day.
Caramelised rice puddingShe would whisk in eggs, milk and a splash of vanilla and add a generous grating of nutmeg. All went into a greased pie-dish with a few dots of butter and some more grated nutmeg before baking in the oven for 20-25 minutes and that was simply it! The comforting aroma of spices, told you the pudding was ready.

Caramelised rice pudding

The best part for me still is the caramelised, golden skin that forms and the extra drizzle of cold evaporated milk served over the warm pudding. I make individual portions now, so there are no arguments about who has the biggest portion!!


From rice-water to caramelised rice pudding…eat warm or cold, you have to try this!

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