It’s a wrap


I’ve always loved wrapping, no matter how small the gift. I enjoy disguising them so you can’t guess what it is.

When my sons were younger, wrapping Christmas gifts was an absolute delight. I would spend hours late into the night, coming up with ingenious ways of hiding their presents, using boxes, tubes, brown paper, virtually anything I could lay my hands on.

If a gift was small, the bigger the box the better. Opening a box with the gift buried deep in layers of newspaper (a bit like pass the parcel really), made them animated and eager. I had just as much fun watching their anticipation and seeing their eyes light up when they finally got to it!

It's a wrap - green anthurium lily


Now, when it comes to wrapping a bottle, I have always gone for the easy option…a gift bag, a gorgeous one of course! Not any more…recently, on my way to get a gift bag with my purchase of bubbly in hand, I walked past a florist and suddenly had a brainwave…’hmmm…why not get the florist to wrap my bottle’? … I could purchase a beautiful flower and get it attached …
Excited, I popped into the florist Stephanie Randall and asked…she sweetly obliged….and I was spoilt for choice with her beautiful collection. I finally settled for an anthurium lily, one of my favourites… and tropical like me!





It's a wrap - purple anthurium lily



Stephanie boasts an amazing selection of flowers, colourful wrappers and raffia to match! I watched her wrap, delicately tie with raffia then attach the flower steeped in a tube of water to keep it fresh ….All I had to do after was pay for the flower and thank her for the stunning presentation, making my gift extra-special! I hope your florist is as helpful as mine….








It's a wrap - red anthurium lily





No more gift bags for me…It’s a wrap, a floral one!!!!

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    Caroline Nelson July 20, 2015 (11:47 pm)

    Lovely idea Patti, they are beautiful.

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