Patti’s Winter Warming Chocolate and Berry Porridge

Chocolate and berry porridge with yoghurtIf I had to choose my favourite breakfast for a cold winter’s day it has to be warming chocolate and berry porridge! Delicious and easy and one everyone, especially children will fall in love with.


Ideas to liven up your winter warming porridge


Simply follow the instructions on a packet of oats. Once the porridge begins to bubble is when it starts to get interesting. Stir in your favourite extracts, perhaps vanilla or almond, and sweeten with honey.




Chocolate - say no more



A teaspoon of Divine Chocolate cocoa powder takes it to another level. But we’re not finished yet……





Chocolate and Berry Porridge



Spoon the porridge into a bowl and drop in Divine’s 70% dark chocolate pieces.






Frozen berries ready for porridge



As the chocolate begins to melt scatter with frozen berries







Evaporated milk is a good friend to porridge



and drizzle with evaporated milk or single cream.






A dollop of Greek Style natural yoghurt completes the treat.
Berry and chocolate winter warming porridge with evaporated milk



Steamy porridge and ice-cold berries tastes like a naughty treat, but it’s so good for you.





That’s a tick for 1 of your 5-a-day already.

Give it a go and enjoy!!



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