Places to Eat

A place I LOVE when it comes to African cuisine is – BUKA restaurant in Accra …  I love the ambience, the friendliness, the cleanliness…the top floor with its open air…and of course the African cuisine is excellent.

Be sure to arrive hungry, because the portions are huge! I met the owner, Audrey, for the first time and what a charming lady! I ate there with friends twice in one week and look forward to going again. It’s really worth checking this place out if you haven’t already.

Who can forget the number of exquisite Chinese restaurants in Accra from way back… The Mandarin, Palm Court, Jade Garden and more! This trip Tang Palace at the Accra airport residential area was fab with great Chinese food. Judging by the number of Chinese people I saw eating in there, I knew it had to be good!

Skybar 25 is exactly what it’s called, a bar somewhere in the sky at the roof top of the Villagio! Not for you if you have a fear for heights (like me). I don’t know how I allowed my brother to take my friend Ali and I up there! The promise of cocktails I suppose! Great ambience along with a beautiful panoramic view of Accra I’m told. I was much too frightened to look out over the open vista and sat facing the bar. Sooo very happy to get back down to ground level.

In Takoradi there are loads of eating spots along the beach and throughout the town. Malibu is a new, simple and relaxed eating spot and walking distance from the beach. Serving both Lebanese and local Ghanaian dishes, it’s run by the most friendly Lebanese lady called Orla.


Alice happily pours her palm wine

Alice serving up some Palm Wine


I cannot wait for that first sip

Palm wine time!


Sip sip hurray!

About to enjoy palm wine


Enjoying our drinks and waiting for our delicious starters

Lunchtime at Buka


Soft spicy snail starters

Stewed Snails


Generous lunch portion of tilapia with onion relish, banku and a trio of chilli sauces, yum!

Tilapia and Banku


Lunch over and time to say goodbye at Buka

Buka Restaurant


Audrey at Buka

Audrey Selormey in her office at Buka


Alison and David waiting for their cocktails at the Skybar

The Sky Bar at the Villagio, Accra


A gorgeous view of Accra from the Villiagio’s Skybar

Sky Bar, Accra


Our fish course at the Tang Palace between its head and tail!

Fish dish at Tang Palace, Accra


Tasty fried rice at Tang Palace

Chinese fried rice, Tang Palace


I can still taste these finger-licking-good ribs

Pork ribs, Tang Palace Accra


Hummus and Kebbeh make a delicious scoop

Kebbeh at Malibu restaurant, Takoradi

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