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  • It’s a wrap

      I’ve always loved wrapping, no matter how small the gift. I enjoy disguising them so you can’t guess what it is.   When my sons were younger, wrapping Christmas gifts was an absolute delight. I would spend hours late into the night, coming up with ingenious ways of hiding their presents, using boxes, tubes, brown paper, virtually anything I could lay my hands on.   If a gift was small, the bigger the box the better. Opening a box with the gift buried deep in ...
  • Valentine cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta

      Here’s my quick, easy and special treat for that special Valentine person – Cheesy beef and lamb meatballs with pasta.           I've used chopped baby spinach instead of fresh herbs and the colourful red peppers are sweet and juicy, just like your loved one!             Sweet and juicy roasted red peppers